4. Mapping Studies

4.1. GIS Mapping

Using data from the multiple sources including the London Development Database, RCKa has developed a method for analysing and displaying information using GIS mapping software. This allows us to visualise data, and for multiple datasets to be overlaid and their relationships considered. This continually evolving tool enables us to quickly access and understand large amounts of information and understand its impact on an area.

As part of this project we have been developing this tool to include a significant amount of information specific to Lewisham. This includes information about small sites planning applications in the borough. In this section of the document we present some of the maps that we have used to inform our analysis.

Please note that all of the maps included within this document are presented as vector information (ie. lines and polygons) rather than raster images, which degrade with compression. This enables the maps to be printed at high quality, and allows viewers to zoom in to observe fine details – this capability does, however, come at the cost of greater file size. We have decided that the legibility of the maps is important, and therefore have provided this document with the highest quality illustrations we can, accepting that this may come with the mild inconvenience of greater download time.

4.2. Copyright

The data on which these maps are based come from a variety of sources and is subject to the following copyright notices:

Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database right 2021.

Contains Royal Mail data © Royal Mail copyright and Database right 2021.

Contains National Statistics data © Crown copyright and database right 2021.

This information is subject to Crown copyright and database rights 2021 and is reproduced with the permission of HM Land Registry.

The polygons (including the associated geometry, namely x, y co-ordinates) are subject to Crown copyright and database rights 2021 Ordnance Survey 100026316.

See https://use-land-property-data.service.gov.uk/datasets/inspire#conditions